Michelle Heaton ‘scared to look in the mirror’ following double mastectomy, *hugs*

Michelle Heaton has been amazingly brave recently following the news that she carries the BRCA2 gene which increases the risk of breast cancer by 80%.

Michelle Heaton and baby FaithMichelle Heaton and baby Faith shortly after her operation. Copyright [Michelle Heaton]

Michelle Heaton last week underwent a double mastectomy, and has now spoken out about how emotional the whole process has been.

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Michelle Heaton revealed in her Closer magazine column that she's too scared to look in the mirror following her drastic operation.

Michelle tweeted this photo of her and baby FaithMichelle tweeted this photo of her and baby Faith before the operation. Copyright [Michelle Heaton]The former Liberty X singer said: "I've had a couple of peeks down my nightie but, I'll be honest, I'm scared to look at them properly in the mirror. From what I've seen, they're a little different, but I can't face looking at them properly in case it freaks me out."

Michelle went on to reveal how supportive her husband Hugh Hanley has been, but also how hard it is not being able to look after her gorgeous baby, Faith.

Michelle HeatonMichelle Heaton can't cuddle baby Faith for a while. Copyright [Michelle Heaton]She said: "Hugh brought Faith in to see me the morning after the op, but only for 20 minutes as she's so active and I couldn't do anything, not even hug her."

"It's the hardest thing in the world not being able to hold your child and it was awful because she could obviously sense something was wrong. She waves now and to see her waving as she left was heartbreaking."

Michelle, who gave birth to Faith in January, continued to reveal that baby Faith will help get her through this difficult time.

Michelle HeatonMichelle Heaton before her operation. Copyright [Michelle Heaton]She said: "It feels like a weight has been lifted. I'm still shaky and emotional and I keep crying all the time. It's the feeling of the unknown — while I'm so relieved the operation is over, I have to take each day as it comes as there are still so many side effects."

"It's going to be a long, painful and emotional road ahead, but I know my little girl will get me through this and at least this part is over."

We salute you, Michelle. Here's a lot of *hugs*