Michelle Heaton reveals cancer scares, we want to give her a hug

Michelle Heaton has had no end of health worries recently, having spent the past weekend in hospital.

Michelle HeatonMichelle Heaton has been suffering health problems. Copyright [WENN]However, today Michelle Heaton has revealed that her health scares have extended to cancer worries - and it all sounds so serious we want to give her a hug.

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Michelle Heaton told OK! magazine she has the BRCA2 gene: "I have an 80% chance of getting ovarian cancer or breast cancer - and that's on top of everybody else's one-in-three chance."

Michelle Heaton in hospitalMichelle Heaton tweeted this photo from hospital over the weekend. Copyright [Michelle Heaton]She continued: "I've got to have an operation and we've got some decisions to make - whether I should have a double mastectomy and if I should have my ovaries removed to reduce the risks."

"We're going to have some counselling sessions before we make our minds up. I've got my first mammogram soon."

On top of the news about her risk of cancer, Michelle Heaton also spent time in hospital this weekend because of her ongoing heart problems.

Michelle Heaton and husband Hugh HanleyMichelle Heaton has publicly thanked her husband, Hugh Hanley, for his support. Copyright [Michelle Heaton]She's undergone an operation to have a heart monitor fitted for a few weeks, which has left her feeling weak and unable to lift her six month old daughter Faith.

Michelle took to Twitter this morning to thank fans for support.

The former Liberty X singer said: "It's been a very tough couple of months. I am blessed to have such a wonderful family and amazing friends in this difficult time. They say things come in three's." [sic]

She continued: "Let's hope not. Two potential life altering issues is enough thank u very much! This week I have tests and investigations into the cancer gene so i can make informative decisions on operations & family going forward. X"

We're sending our best thoughts to Michelle Heaton and hoping she's OK.