Michelle Heaton has boobs rant after ‘disgusting’ tweets post-mastectomy

Michelle Heaton revealed this week that she's fed up of people STILL talking about her new boobs.

Michelle Heaton's new boobs have sparked mean comments. Copyright [Rex]And now things seem to have got even worse for Michelle Heaton, with people apparently telling her that her new boobs are horrible and that she's vain, despite the fact that she actually has implants as a result of preventative surgery.

Michelle Heaton let rip on Twitter this morning, criticising some 'disgusting' tweets she's had regarding her boobs.

Uh Oh.

Michelle Heaton has said that her new boobs are no bigger than they were. Copyright [Rex]The Liberty X singer, 32, said: "I still now can't believe the disgusting tweets i get telling me my "boob" job is disgusting. To all u un-educated peeps do your research. .before you bully me for something I did to potentially save my life. I've had enough! Move on, it's ridiculous u r still talkin about it!" [sic]

Michelle continued: "I have BRCA2 cancer gene! I had a double mastectomy & reconstruction! That's it! Done! I've moved on & am getting better..U lot move on too!" [sic]

Michelle Heaton shortly after her operation. Copyright [Michelle Heaton]She concluded her rant by saying: "Right, now that's my rant of the day delt with.. (Lol) I'd like to get back to cuddling my baby girl who loves me no matter what!" [sic]

Michelle Heaton underwent a double mastectomy just before Christmas after finding out she had the BRCA2 gene which gave her an 80% chance of developing breast cancer.

She revealed earlier this week that she'd received tweets from people suggesting she'd had her boobs enlarged to a much bigger size during the reconstructive surgery.

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Speaking in her Closer magazine column, Michelle, who's mum to Faith, one, said: "When I went to hospital for my double mastectomy and reconstruction op, I specifically asked to stay exactly the same size.'

"Yes they're now perter because of the implants and I was wearing a tight dress, but that's it! There's no way I could go up to an F-cup after one day of surgery."