Michelle Heaton and baby Faith follow Una Healy and Aoife’s lead with pop video fun

Michelle Heaton's daughter Faith knows who her mum is, if this cute picture is anything to go by.

Michelle Heaton's baby Faith loves watching Liberty X videos / Michelle Heaton Twitter

We love it when celebs share pics of their babies, and Michelle Heaton has given us a glimpse into life with Faith by tweeting this shot of her watching her old band Liberty X with her daughter.

Michelle Heaton tweeted: "Lol too cute, faith is watching mummy on the I pad!!! Name the video?"

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When her followers replied it was 'Just a Little' Michelle tweeted: "Ur all right! Just a little she's smiling away at it,i will give my ego a boost & say she knows who I am-But really I think it's the tv! Lol"

If those Liberty X reunion rumours come true, Faith will no doubt be ecstatic *giggles*

Michelle Heaton tweeted her first picture of Faith last month, and after posting this insight into family life yesterday, Michelle then shared shots of her night out with hubby Hugh Hanley on Saturday.

Michelle Heaton out on Saturday, and baby Faith last month / Michelle Heaton Twitter

It looks like pop videos are the new lullabies, as Una Healy shared a video of her daughter Aoife Belle being soothed by The Saturdays' video just hours before Michelle Heaton uploaded her pics.

Una Healy's video showed baby Aoife Belle crying, but as soon as The Saturdays' '30 Days' video started the tiny tot stopped her tears and watched intently as her mum and bandmates sang.

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With all of these celeb babies enjoying pop music already, we're hoping for a new girl group to form in years to come consisting of singing stars' offspring.

Make it happen guys!