Michelle Heaton and baby Faith manage to pout whilst sleeping, nice work girls

Michelle Heaton and baby Faith showed today that they're a glamorous pair, even when they're napping.

Michelle HeatonMichelle Heaton tweeted this photo of her and baby Faith having a nap. Copyright [Michelle Heaton]

Michelle Heaton tweeted an adorable photo of her and baby Faith having a sleep this afternoon, and the pair have still managed to pull their best pouts.

Michelle tweeted the photo alongside the caption: "Can you see the resemblance??? ;)"

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Yep, we definitely can.

Earlier today Michelle Heaton shared another cute photo of baby Faith in the back of the car having just woken up from a nap.

And we have to say, baby Faith looked far happier in the photo than we've EVER done after waking up from a sleep.

Michelle Heaton also tweeted this photo of Faith earlier in the day. Copyright [Michelle Heaton]It seems that Michelle and Faith are both happy following Michelle's dramatic double mastectomy at the end of last year.

The star recently revealed that her main reason for undergoing the surgery after finding out she had an 80% risk of breast cancer was Faith.

She said: "My initial decision to have the operation was so that I can be there for her in the future. To have that worry almost gone is just the most amazing feeling."

Michelle has been throwing herself into work this year, with Liberty X reforming on the new TV show, Big Reunion.

We're glad she's managing to squeeze in mum and baby time too. Keep the cute photos coming.