MIC’s Millie Mackintosh helps Jamie Laing launch sweet shop, Professor Green stays at home

Millie Mackintosh left Professor Green at home last night as she attended the launch of Jamie Laing's Candy Kittens.

Millie was out at Jamie Laing's shop opening. Copyright: [BIG]

Last night marked the grand opening of Made in Chelsea's Jamie Laing's pop up sweet shop, Candy Kittens, in where else but Chelsea, darling!

In attendance: his costars Spencer Matthews, Cheska Hull and Millie Mackintosh.

Spencer, Millie and Cheska were all out to support Jamie. Copyright: [BIG]

Mills looked amazing in a lacey lemon coloured dress which showed off her ridiculous pins perfectly.

Meanwhile, Cheska chose a fur gilet which we are not so sure about.

All eyes were peeled for Millie's boyfriend, Professor Green making an appearance but sadly, no such luck.

He failed to accompany Millie despite Jamie saying in the past what good pals they are.

Jamie said: "Pro Green is part of the crew now, we even rap battle. We've hung out a few times without Millie but it's hard as he travels a lot."

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He was probably just too tired after all his ranting yesterday.

However, it doesn't seem he was busy doing much else last night with the rapper tweeting throughout the night even into the early hours.

But Pro Green or no Pro Green, Jamie's pop up shop is now very much open for business!

Jamie's business plan is simple: bringing together hot ladies and sweets all under one roof.

Sounds alright to us — as long as Rihanna is invited.

Actually, she'd probably get kicked out for being too sexy.