Melanie Sykes gets completely naked and covers herself in chocolate to inspire her to stick to her wedding diet

Melanie Sykes apparently uses completely naked pictures of herself covered in chocolate as gymspiration.

Melanie Sykes used this picture of herself naked and covered in chocolate to inspire her to stick to her diet. …

The yummy-mummy took to Twitter last night to show off her figure by posting a nude snap of herself smothered in chocolate sauce.

Melanie has been hitting the gym hard this year in an attempt to shape up for her upcoming wedding to boyfriend Jack Cockings this summer.

But the 42-year-old broke her strict diet last night, tucking into some orange Lindt chocolate and tweeting: "If this is the devils work why do I feel like I just died and went to heaven!"

Melanie Sykes is due to get married later this year in a summer wedding. Copyright [Splash]

Moments later she was clearly feeling the effects, revealing the snap of her chocolate-smothered self and adding: "Oops! Death by chocolate! Lol"

And despite giving into the chocolatey goodness, Melanie still reckons she looks better in a bikini than she does covered in cocoa.

She previously tweeted: "It's just dawned on me unless I'm in a bikini I'm just not truly happy."

Melanie Sykes previously showed off her super-toned figure on Twitter in this lingerie snap. Copyright [Melanie …

Melanie's weight loss scheme, which involved her own-branded gym products and supplements - Active Woman, involves THREE workouts per day.

She revealed: "Just realised boxing, shooting & football on the same day. Just checked I haven't grown a penis! #allgood #phew #everydaysexism #joke lol.[sic]"

*Puts down Dairy Milk*

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Charlotte Crosby is obviously chuffed with her dramatic weight loss. Copyright: [Instagram]
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