Mel B: ‘Victoria Beckham and I argue like sisters’, tells all about the Spice Girls’ rows

Mel B has revealed that the Spice Girls have had some mega arguments in their time, but will always be friends.

The Spice Girls reckon they are like sisters. Copyright: [Twitter]

Speaking to The Mirror, Mel has pretty much confessed that the ladies have had some absolutely honking rows in the past but always manage to make up.

Scary Spice confessed that she has even had physical fights with Melanie C over the years.

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"I've had punch-ups with Mel C in the past. But we have unconditional love for each other underneath it all," she told the paper.

"Obviously there's been stories saying some of us hate each other and there are fall-outs. But we're like sisters."

The Spices back in 1997. Copyright: [rex]

She added: "You know, we go through ups and downs and sometimes we might be pissed off, but at the end of the day we're there for each other."

Well, they did tell us friendship never ends.

This lot rowing?! Never! Copyright: [Twitter]

However, Mel admits that while they are mates at the moment, that hasn't always been the case:

"It's all nice right now but the five of us definitely have been through it over the years."

And what about the rumours that Mel doesn't get on with Victoria Beckham and that they kept their distance during the Olympics reunion?

Mel says: "We were the book­ends, weren't we? Victoria was one end and I was at the other."

"You know what? Me and ­Victoria are fine now, it's like any relationship with her and me. We fight, we argue, we make up... it's always been like that."

"It's been like that with all five of us over the years."