Mel B has a sense of humour failure! We’re surprised she hasn’t learnt to laugh at herself

Victoria Beckham is said to have a brilliant sense of humour with her hubbie, David calling her the 'funny one in the family.'

It's a shame then, that Victoria didn't pass on her funny bone to Mel B as she appears to have a bit of a lapse in the laughter department.

Mel BAll smiles: Mel B may be smiling now but she didn’t find Noel Fielding’s gag funny /PA

In a recent interview, stupidly funny Noel Fielding says that he once tried a gag on the former Spice Girl and it fell flat, in fact so much so the singer-turned-reality-TV-star was fuming afterwards *OH DEAR*!

"I had a bit of a clash with Mel B," Noel revealed.

"She said she worked at Pizza Hut. I asked if that was before or after the Spice Girls and she became absolutely furious."

Noel FieldingBad taste? Noel’s joke about Mel fell flat /PA

Aww, poor Mel, we're sure Noel didn't mean to offend her.

Mel has a hugely infectious laugh so we hope she can't start using it to take herself a little less seriously.