Mel B kisses herself, gets naked and gives Victoria Beckham a run for her money: 7 things we’ve learned from comeback video ‘For Once in My Life’

After eight years away from the music scene, she’s officially back.

We've learned a lot from Mel B's new music video. Copyright [Rex]

Mel B has unveiled the video to her comeback track ‘For Once In My Life’ and frankly, it’s quite the learning curve.

Just when you thought you knew all there was to know about the scary, opinionated pop star, FOIMY has come along and unearthed brand spanking new information about how Mel lives her life.

1. Mel lives on a pimped up Wisteria Lane equipped with its very own smoke machine – you know,  just in case someone wants to put on an impromptu performance.

Mel B lives on a road with smoke machines. Copyright [Youtube]

2. When we decide we don’t want to go to work, the first thing we think of doing is pulling a sickie. Mel on the other hand doesn’t even bother calling her boss and decides instead that stripping off and parading around her neighborhood is a much better idea.

Mel B strips off for no apparent reason. Copyright [Youtube]

3. Victoria Beckham isn’t the only fashion designer to graduate from the Spice Girls, Mel has a keen eye for customising her own clothes.

Mel B customises her own clothes. Copyright [Youtube] 4. Mel B is one frugal lady. Why spend money in an expensive LA salon when you can do just as good a job cutting your own hair?
Mel B is a skilled hairdresser. Copyright [Youtube]

5. Mel B is a HUGE fan of Miley Cyrus’ tongue. Check out her homage to the infamous muscular hydrostat.
Mel B is a fan of Miley Cyrus' tongue. Copyright [Youtube/Rex]
6. Giving Narcissus a run for his money, Mel B loves herself so much she opts to get with her doppelganger even though she’s in a room with hundreds of eligible people.
Mel B fancies herself. Copyright [Youtube]
6a. We live in a world where Mel B has a doppelganger.

7. Mel is efficient when it comes to changing outfits. A couple of spins like Wonder Woman and she's looking fresh in a new change of clothes.

Mel B is Wonderwoman. Copyright [Youtube]

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