Megan Fox thought she was having a Twilight baby, someone call Jeremy Kyle and Robert Pattinson

Megan Fox says she was convinced she was having a vampire baby from Twilight her morning sickness was so bad.

Granted it would be a very good looking baby... Copyright: [rex]

Speaking on Jay Leno, Megan said: "It was so bad for me, actually, I was convinced that I was, like, maybe birthing a vampire baby like the one from ‘Twilight’."

Someone call Jeremy Kyle and Robert Pattinson, we think we might need a DNA test and fast!

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"You know what happens to Bella, where she's in cold sweats all the time?" Megan added.

"I felt like that was happening because I had no vitamins and nutrients and I was just nauseous."


Maybe she could exchange morning sickness stories with ol' Kate Middleton?

Megan is one divine creature, isn't she? Copyright: [rex]

However, since bringing potential vampire baby Noah into the world, Meg admits she has never been happier in all of her life.

She said: "The whole thing has been overwhelming because I didn't know you could love something so much."

"I know people always say that but I love him so much it hurts, and it's an interesting feeling to have because I never felt that before."