McFly’s Tom Fletcher posts video of his wedding speech, we cry actual tears

When Tom Fletcher married Giovanna back in May, they both spoke a lot about Tom's amazing speech (which he technically sang.)

Tom Fletcher's wedding speech is the cutest thing we've ever seen.And now the McFly singer has posted a video of his wedding speech/song and it is probably the cutest thing we have EVER seen.


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Tom Fletcher said he's rubbish at public speaking, but good at writing songs, so decided to sing his speech to the tune of McFly songs.

He thanked all the important people in his and Giovanna's lives - including both sets of parents, the bridesmaids and ushers.

Tom Fletcher sang his speech to the tune of McFly songs.Tom's song even included a cute tribute to his best men - his fellow McFly bandmates, Danny, Dougie and Harry.


The lyrics included: "Thanks to my best men, you're more like brothers, sometimes like lovers... but we won't tell them about that. We've been together for what feels like forever. But I'd do it again and again. We're only just getting started and I know McFly will never end."

Tom and Giovanna FletcherTom and Giovanna have been together since they were at school. Copyright [WENN]That was enough to get us a bit choked up. However, the end of the song was devoted to Giovanna and by this stage we were in floods of tears at our desks.

Tom Fletcher began singing It's All About You to his new wife, before a choir of children from the school where they met took to the stage to sing with him.

It all got a bit much for Tom, as even he was overcome with emotion singing the lines: "You have made my life worthwhile by saying I do...So here's a toast, please raise your glasses and champagne flutes, here's to my beautiful wife, from today for all my's all about you."

Blimey, we think we need to lie down a bit to recover from that sobfest. Giovanna is one lucky lady.