MC Harvey DENIES he had relationship with Cheryl Cole for a second time

The Cheryl Cole and MC Harvey relationship feud has taken a new turn today with the drama being driven by the loose lipped rapper who said:


"Obviously I would have liked it to go somewhere, but it didn't."

While Cheryl Cole stays schtum on the whole saga, letting her lawyers do the talking, the former So Solid Crew has done a swift about turn on his initial claims the couple used to go out.

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Only last week he told Choice FM: "I will 100 per cent say that we had a communication relationship, but have I been out with her? No I haven't."

And now the talkative star has opened up to Heat magazine denying he dated the former X Factor judge.

He said: "I'd be a fool to say I wasn't attracted to her [Cheryl Cole]. She's a beautiful girl - you'd be a fool to say 'I was just doing it for friendship.'

cheryl cole

When asked whether they had sex he added: "No, we did not. And I never claimed to. We're people who have both been through tough things.

"Does that make it a loving relationship, because you're confiding in someone? No."

The cryptic quotes continued as the rapper stressed that there relationship wasn't sexual:

"Why I am going to sit there and make up lies about sleeping with someone when I'm in a relationship? That is disrespectful to my girlfriend."

#confused? Us too. If you're getting a little lost in this celebrity spat, allow omg! to sum up the Cheryl Cole and MC Harvey battle.

Round 1
MC Harvey appears from showbiz oblivion and throws the first metaphorical punch telling Now magazine: "There was a relationship and an attraction to each other's aura...She's a good girl. We've got a great respect for each other."

Round 2
Cheryl fights back via the most public of forums: Twitter. A social networking row erupts with the likes of Nicola Roberts jumping to Cole's defense.

Round 3
The fight moves from the ring and into the court room as Cheryl Cole seeks legal advice and threatens to sue MC Harvey and Now magazine.

Round 4
MC Harvey tries the same move and seeks legal advice.

Round 5
Mc Harvey starts to back out of the battle and denies his initial claims for the first time.

Round 6
MC Harvey backtracks for a second time telling Heat magazine, "Obviously I would have liked it to go somewhere, but it didn't."

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