Max George IS romantic after all, sends Michelle Keegan Valentine’s Day flowers

We were disappointed when The Wanted's Max George appeared to be anti-romance with his dig at bandmate Siva Kaneswaran's Valentine's Day poem, but it turns out Max is quite the smoothie.

The romantic day started out well, with Max tweeting: "Happy Valentines Day! X"

But then he dashed our mood by retweeting Siva's poem to his girlfriend and making a rude comment.

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Max tweeted: "'@SivaTheWanted: @Nare_esha Roses are red violets are blue, if love was a drug id be addicted to you.' Think I'm gonna be sick right now...ha"

Michelle Keegan shared a pictuer of her present from Max George on Twitter

However, Max's girlfriend Michelle Keegan then restored our faith in The Wanted hunk by posting a picture of the MASSIVE bunch of flowers Max had sent to her.

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Michelle tweeted yesterday: "Thankyou to my gorgeous boyfriend @MaxTheWanted for the most amazing Valentines Day present ever! I'm speechless... X"

Max replied: "you're welcome you xxx"