Max George and his BFF Ed Sheeran named Britain’s Worst Dressed Men, laugh it off on Twitter

Poor old Ed Sheeran has been voted the worst dressed man in Britain, with his mate, The Wanted's Max George, not fairing much better off in fourth place.

Ed and Max have been voted the worst dressed lads in celeb land by GQ, gutted. Copyright: [wenn]

Yep, those fussy fashion types over at GQ magazine reckon Ed is their Worst Dressed Man of 2012.

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So we take it hoodies aren't a big look next season then?

Ed tweeted the news this morning, saying: "Named no.1 worst dressed male in GQ, glad they noticed."

So yeah, he sounds just er, chuffed.

Max quickly replied to let him know how gutted he was to miss out on the top spot.

Max took to twitter to say to Ed: "Mate I'm gutted in only got 4th! #letsswapjumpers"

Yep, laugh it off lads, if you don't laugh you will cry as they do say.

Sorry lads, GQ do NOT approve. Copyright: [wenn]

The list in full went as follows:

1. Ed Sheeran

2. Jon Cruddas (no idea, MP type we hear, probably wears lots of ties)

3. Alex Reid (we suppose they have a point)

4. Max George (we are outraged, who doesn't love a pair on All Saints boots and a bit of man cleave?)

5. James Tindale (Geordie Shore type, fan on flashing the man cleave)

6. Ivor Braka (Ivor-no-good-clothes)

7. Robbie Savage (even after those Strictly sequins)

8. Andrew Marr (politics over Prada)

9. Lord Gilbert (should have swapped House Of Lords for House of Dior)

10. Jason Gardiner (one flat cap too many)