Matthew McConaughey EXCLUSIVE: You can’t take socks off sexily

Matthew McConaughey may be one of the sexiest celebrity men on the planet but that didn't stop the Magic Mike star from admitting that even he struggles to be lust worthy sometimes.

As Matthew McConaughey rocked the Magic Mike premiere in London's May Fair hotel last night, omg! asked him to reveal the embarrassing thing that's happened to him as he took his  clothes off.

The Hollywood hottie told us: "I don't know about embarrassing, but there's really no way to take off your socks sexily for a man.

"Not that I know of anyway."

Saying that though he did give us the solution: "Have someone else do it."

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Wow, Camilla Alves must be some sock-puller *giggles* - as the couple are expecting their third child.

The beautiful brunette accompanied Matthew to the premiere wearing an animal print strapless dress worked with nude heels.

We have to admit we're somewhat disappointed that the star ditched his leather thong for the premiere, he apparently got pretty attached to it.

matthew mcconaughey camilla alvesMatthew McConaughey was joined by Camilla Alves at the Magic Mike premiere. Copyright [WENN]

He told UK TV: "I had to put on the thong and kind of walk around and try to have normal conversations.

"You have to talk about football or what you ate last night, something. Then that's what's funny, and then you lean against a wall, like, 'Now I'm just hanging out, man,' to get comfortable with it because the first time you put it on your body kind of contorts."

Judging by the Magic Mike trailers — it looks like he got used to is.

Magic Mike is in cinemas now