Matt Edmondson: I’ll be on babysitting duty for Fearne Cotton- EXCLUSIVE

Today Matt Edmondson presented his first weekend show on BBC Radio One, replacing Vernon Kaye.

Matt has offered up his babysitting services. Copyright [Rex]

Matt, 27, has been part of the Radio One team for a few years and has built up a close relationship with presenter fellow Fearne Cotton.

With Fearne now on maternity leave, Matt has admitted that when the baby arrives, he will be on hand for babysitting duties- despite his aversion to it.

He told us: “I would be a terrible baby sitter. It’s quite hard being around babies because you can’t talk to them. I find that quite tricky because I just want to say ‘what’s wrong? Why are you crying?’”

“But if she [Fearne] wants a babysitter, I’m sure she’s got lots of people she can go to before me, but I’m here.

“If she’s desperate and has tickets to a gig or needs to make a sudden dash out I will be there armed with bibs and pre-warmed breast milk- not my own.”

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Despite their closeness, Matt admitted that before he met Fearne, he was worried she might be standoffish with him due to her many years in the business.

He explained: “She’s great. You think that someone like Fearne who has had the job of being a radio and TV presenter since she was 14-years-old would be unbearable, diva-ish and difficult.

“When I met Fearne there was a worry where I thought ‘she’s been at this for years, what is she going to be like?’ But she’s the most grounded, normal person I’ve ever worked with.

“She’s got an incredible normal life and she bakes a lot which is ideal because there are always cakes around.”

Matt is excited about his new Radio One show. Copyright [Wenn]

Matt Edmondson is part of the big Radio One show shuffle, taking on the coveted weekend shift.

Talking about taking over the slot, Matt admits that he is looking forward to the challenge.

He said: “I’m really excited about it. I’ve been at Radio One for a couple of years now- I’ve done a Wednesday night for quite a long time which has been really fun but I’ve had loads of ideas that I haven’t been able to cram into it because it’s only an hour long.

“So I’ve got this folder full of things which are rejected Wednesday night ideas which would be ideal for a more daytime crowd so I’m just looking forward to getting going.”

Listen to Matt Edmondson on BBC Radio 1, weekends, 10am-1pm from Saturday 12th January 2013.

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