Mark Wright wants Michelle Keegan to be his girlfriend… Er, soz Max George!

After being spotted having a cheeky snog earlier this week, it's believed that Mark Wright is dead keen on making Michelle Keegan his girlfriend.

Are Mark and Michelle getting togther? Copyright [Wenn]

Facebook official and everything.

According to The Mirror, the former TOWIE star said: "I want to make this work. I really hope this is the beginning."

"She's like no-one I've ever met. She's a gorgeous girl and I really want to see more of her when I get home."

Can we please have a collective: 'Awwww!'

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A source close to the pair added: "Mark is determined not to let it fizzle out - and that the fireworks are there when they get back."

"He wants to see if they can make it as a couple and hopes that Michelle does too."

And then we would most definitely have ourselves a VERY hot new couple alert!

Michelle Keegan, Max GeorgeMax and Michelle split in the summer after he has phone sex behind her back. [Copyright Wenn]

Plus, we reckon it's safe to say that this will pee Michelle's ex, Max George RIGHT off.

Well, Mark is proper fit and also a darn nice guy, in fact, just the type of chap you would bring home to you Mum.

If Michelle doesn't want him then we are definitely taking first dibs!

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