Mark Wright’s former ‘Take Me Out’ flame warns Michelle Keegan off

They say it’s best to keep business and pleasure separate, a concept that Mark Wright seems to be unfamiliar with.

Nathalie has warned new girlfriend Michelle of Mark's ways. Copyright [Getty/ITV2]

It has been reported that the ‘Take Me Out: The Gossip’ presenter engaged in a nine month long secret romance with ‘Take Me Out’ contestant Nathalie Hawker.

Speaking to the Sun, the 27-year-old glamour model revealed all about their relationship and also warned Mark’s new flame Michelle Keegan of his alleged womanising ways.

She said: “The truth is he is a cheat who uses women to get what they want then runs a mile.”

That’s a pretty strong accusation to make.

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Talking about their romance together, Nathalie revealed that Mark wooed her last year by shouting ‘are those real?’ as she walked past him in a restaurant.

Oh the romance of it all.

From then on, the two engaged in a secret relationship.

Mark and Nathalie on 'Take Me Out: The Gossip'. Copyright [ITV2]

Mark Wright never acknowledged that the two were an item throughout the time they worked together on ‘Take Me Out: The Gossip’.

Nathalie explained: “He was scared. It was ridiculous. He would be introduced to me by the crew as a stranger when the fact was I had already ripped his pants off.”

“I must have been mad thinking he would want a normal relationship. He loves himself and the idea of fame so being with a soap star will suit him for now.”

Taking to Twitter yesterday, Mark Wright branded Nathalie as ‘desperate'.

He wrote: “Was Feb 2012 its now nearly Feb 2013 One year ago Was a 25 yr old single man Get over it #desperate.”


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