‘Mark Wright will marry Lauren Goodger’ says TOWIE’s Gemma Collins, controversial or what?

Mark Wright may currently be totally loved up with Michelle Keegan but TOWIE star Gemma Collins reckons it's just inevitable that he will end up with his ex, Lauren Goodger.

Gemma reckons Lauren and Mark will end up together. Copyright: [rex]

Er, controversial much?

Once the golden couple of TOWIE, Mark and Lauren were together on and off for a whopping ten years, culminating with one last failed engagement on the show.

But Gemma reckons that they are soul mates and will inevitably end up together.

She said: ''Mark Wright seems very happy with his new lady - the gorgeous Michelle Keegan - and Lauren Goodger is loved up with her new man, businessman Jake McLean."

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''But I still think that Lauren and Mark will be back together in the future and get married because they're soul mates. Mark my words ... no pun intended!''

Still, we hate to say it but we think Gem might just have a point, Mark and Lauren were together for ten years, after all.

Michelle and Mark have loads in common, especially hats. Copyright: [wenn]

However as Gemma says, for now Mark couldn't seem to be any more loved up with his new lady, Michelle Keegan.

It's believed he is keen to spend his birthday, which is tomorrow, with Michelle.

Well, it is perfect weather for snuggling up and staying in so we hardly blame them.

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