Mark Wright EXCLUSIVE: Lucy Mecklenburgh is a beautiful young lady

Mark Wright may stay pretty schtum on one ex girlfriends, Lauren Goodger, but he's more than happy to reap praise on former flame Lucy Mecklenburgh.

mark wright lucy mecklenburghMark Wright was very complementary about his ex, Lucy Mecklenberg. Copyright [WENN]

When omg! met the star we asked his opinion on his ex getting engaged to Mario Falcone and he couldn't have been more positive.

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He told us: "Ah it's brilliant, they seem like such a good couple both are very good looking people.

"She's a beautiful young lady, good luck to them."

lucy mecklenburgh and mario falconeMark Wright is happy for Lucy and Mario. Copyright: [WENN]

Aww, that's nice. Although Mark is far more cautious with his words when we ask how things are with him and Lauren…

"We're on talking terms," Mark told us. "We're not exactly friends but we're not not friends."

So would they strike up conversation if they bumped into each other?

Mark elaborated saying: "If I saw Lauren she'd get a very polite hello and wish her all the best but Lauren is in my past now.

"People do need to get over it.  Maybe when we both find someone else then they will."

mark wrightMark Wright thinks people need to get over him and Lauren Goodger's breakup. Copyright [WENN]

Stories in the press about the couple wind the star up, so much so when we mention a story about Mark and Lauren being in the same club he went straight onto his phone to see what had been written.

Reacting to the story he said: "I have no hard feeling and I have no problems being linked to Lauren but it's boring reading articles on it all the time — oooh we went to the same club, so what?"

Ah, but a little part of us wants to see you back together, that's why Mark!