Mariah Carey suffers a wardrobe malfunction, falls afoul of the ever embarrassing nipple slip on stage

This weekend Mariah Carey found herself victim to the most notorious of wardrobe malfunctions.

Mariah Carey suffered a nipple slip on stage this weekend. Copyright [Getty]

That’s right, Mariah fell afoul of the dreaded nipple slip.

It seems that not even multi-platinum selling divas are immune to them.

The 42-year-old singer was performing at record label So So Def’s 20th anniversary party on Sunday night when the malfunction occurred.

Singing in front of the likes of Usher and Jay-Z, Mariah seemed unaware of the mishap, continuing with her set.

Well what did she expect when wearing what she did!

Mariah Carey didn't seem to notice the wardobe malfunction. Copyright [Getty]

Dressed in a figure-hugging white dress with a plunging neckline, Mariah should have predicted the unfortunate incident before she even took to the stage.

Luckily for the American Idol judge, her long blonde locks managed to just about cover her wayward nipple through to the end of her performance.

It seems that nipple slips are a common occurrence among the female members of the American Idol judging panel this series.

Nicki Minaj also found herself in the same position as Mariah Carey last year. Copyright [Rex]

Last year, Mariah’s fellow judge Nicki Minaj also found herself exposing her nipple during a performance.

The judges, who famously fell out during the filming of the first set of auditions on American Idol, have reportedly now put their differences aside for the sake of the show.

When asked about her feud with Mariah, Nicki explained that they two had left their problems with each other in the past.

She said: "All of that has been talked about.

"We had our differences, but it is all done with now, and we just get in there and do our job."

With the two now being former nip slip survivors, perhaps the women finally found some common ground.

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