Mariah Carey offered a paltry $18 million to be new American Idol judge. Poor thing.

Mean American Idol bosses have reportedly offered new judge Mariah Carey a measly $18 million to replace Jennifer Lopez as a judge on the show.

We would be smiling too if someone gave us $18 million. Copyright: [wenn]

To be fair, we would kick up a fuss. Or at least demand travel expenses. Poor thing probably won't even be able to afford lunch.

$18 million for a whole years' work? We admire Mariah for managing to keep so quiet.

OK, so on a serious note now. An alleged $18 MILLION? With that sort of cash flying about, you would think she was working night shifts in a sewer with Chris Brown.

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Not American Idol, which is basically the best offer any celeb can get.

After it was announced the singer would be joining the show it was  reported that she will be "the highest paid judge on any music competition show".

Yes, even more than Louis Walsh.

And while we are on the subject, it's more than Britney Spears gets paid over on X Factor ($15 million) and definitely more than J.Lo ever took home ($12 million).

Mariah will replace Jen next season. Copyright: [wenn]

Unlike all those lot, we reckon we would do it for free.

Imagine the perks: millions of adoring fans, even more millions of designer frocks, being on the telly loads. Sitting next to Randy Jackson.

Just imagine what you could buy with all that cash! 18 million 99p cheeseburgers from McDonalds, 18 million trips to Poundland. The possibilities are endless!

But then again we aren't Mariah Carey. That sort of cash is probably just pocket money, right? She is after all worth $500 million…