Mariah Carey gets naked and enjoys a Valentine's Day bath date - with her dog... awkward

Mariah Carey appears to have dumped husband Nick Cannon for most of Valentine's Day, instead opting to get naked and have a bath with her dog.

Mariah Carey spent her evening naked in a bath, with her dog. Copyright [Twitter / Mariah Carey]

The singer went on a mini tweeting spree last night, sharing pictures of herself in a bathtub with her pup, Jill E Beans (yes, that's actually its name), in her arms.

She tweeted: "Aaaah! Jill E Beans leaps to the tub In hopes of a splash champagne - whhhhhy?!"

Covered in soap suds and surrounded by 'MC' embossed towels and robes, fresh flowers, huge candles and a glass of champagne by her side, Mariah looked every inch the diva she's often made out to be.

Mariah Carey's bathroom looks ridiculously lavish. Copyright [Twitter / Mariah Carey]

She told her followers: "Getting ready for my Valentines Rendezvous consumed by bubbles.. Oh dear."

The 42-year-old spent the rest of her evening on a romantic date with hubby Nick, who - by the looks of things - showered her with V Day prezzies (obvs, as IF she'd have it any other way).

She tweeted a picture of the couple surrounded by an entire bunch of heart, butterfly and monkey (?!) shaped helium balloons.

Nick Cannon showered Mariah Carey in Valentine's Day presents. Copyright [Twitter / Mariah Carey]

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon illegally crept into Central Park in New York. Copyright [Twitter / Mariah Carey]

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon enjoyed a trip around Central Park in a horse-drawn carriage. Copyright [Twitter / …

Nick apparently took Mariah on a romantic carriage ride through Central Park, despite the park being closed for the evening.

Tweeting a snaps of the pair sneaking into the carriage, Mariah said: "Trespassing in Central Park love on the wild side haaaaaa [sic]"

And along with another snap of the couple kissing, she added: "A kiss delicately scented with horse dung.... Still romantic though. [sic]"

Nick Cannon says he's a 'hopeless romantic' and apparently Mariah Carey is too. Copyright [Twitter / Mariah Ca …

Nick and Mariah apparently spent the night trying to add to their brood, with Nick previously revealing his plans for the night were to "make more babies".

He added: "We definitely got a babysitter for Valentine’s Day. Those are the special moments. I am a hopeless romantic and so is my wife.

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon apparently want to 'make more babies'. Copyright [Twitter / Mariah Carey]

"We do something big every year, I'm plotting and planning right now - I've got to make sure I do something big."

And that it was Nick, and that it was....

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Celebrity Valentine's Day Twitpics: Fearne Cotton satisfied her pregnancy cravings by baking some cupcakes. Copyright [Twitter / Fearne Cotton]

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