Maria Fowler has Twitter rant about her liposuction surgery, poses in underwear to show results

The TOWIE girls are known for their fake tan, hair extensions and love of surgery.

Maria FowlerMaria Fowler has spoken out about her surgery. Copyright [WENN]And whilst Maria Fowler may no longer be on the show, she's still going under the knife to enhance her looks.

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Most recently, Maria Fowler underwent a form of liposuction surgery to remove fat from her legs, bum and stomach.

However, she's not happy at people saying she just had normal liposuction. Maria took to Twitter to rant about the difference between lipo and the surgery that she had.

Maria FowlerMaria Fowler's new body. Copyright [Maria Fowler]The former TOWIE star said: "People get mixed up with lipo. I had proper HD vaser op where fat is removed. Not the "lipo" where they don't do an operation."

She continued: "There is quite a bit of irresponsible reporting saying I have just had a non invasive form of vaser. You couldn't get the results I have..... Just by doing that. The fat was removed under general anaesthetic a 4 hour op. looks amazing." [sic]

Maria FowlerMaria Fowler on holiday back in June. Copyright [Maria Fowler]Maria then took it upon herself to strip off and pose in her underwear to show her followers how well the surgery had gone.

She tweeted a picture of her impossibly flat stomach and toned legs alongside the caption: "This is today.. 2 months post op. And for the record I do go to the gym now. Keeping on top and improving it x x"