Maria Fowler poses half naked in underwear on Twitter, she’s making a habit of it

Maria Fowler seems to be making a habit of this posing half-naked in her underwear lark.

Maria FowlerMaria Fowler posed in her pants AGAIN today. Copyright [Maria Fowler]Last week Maria Fowler got completely NAKED and tweeted the results, and the previous week she showed off the results of her lipo surgery in a bikini.

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However, today Maria Fowler donned some sexy underwear which perfectly shows off her new amazing figure, and tweeted it for all to see.

Maria tweeted the photo of her in her pants whilst doing a photoshoot, alongside the caption: "Me on today's shoot #lingerie."

Maria Fowler also posted this photo a couple of weeks ago. Copyright [Maria Fowler]Well, that much was clear Maria.

It can't be denied that she looks absolutely AMAZING though, her surgery has clearly paid off with her stomach and legs looking unbelievably taut and toned. Sigh.

Last week Maria Fowler got naked for this Twitpic. Copyright [Maria Fowler]Maria has been keen to point out, however, that she underwent a proper liposuction operation where fat was removed under general anesthetic during a four hour operation.


Maria Fowler also showed off her abs at the gym last week. Copyright [Maria Fowler]However, the former TOWIE star has revealed that she's now maintaining her new body by going to the gym regularly.

Just last week she tweeted a photo of herself at the gym after a work out session.

Unsurprisingly, this snap also showed off her washboard abs.

We told you she's making a habit of it.