Made In Chelsea's Andy Jordan agrees to strip naked like Jamie Laing, we wonder what Louise Thompson will say

Jamie Laing famously took his clothes off LIVE ON TWITTER for us as part of the #stripjamie challenge.

Andy Jordan said he wants to get in on some strip action. Copyright [Yahoo]

And now Made In Chelsea co-star Andy Jordan wants in on the Yahoo! omg! nakedness action.
Speaking to us in the our VIP lounge at Yahoo! Wireless festival the e4 star said: "Yeah I'd definitely [do a #stripjamie]. I'm happy to take my clothes off."

But the posh fittie, who is currently dating Louise Thompson, warned fans that Mr Laing may have beaten him in the muscle stakes.

He told us: "Jamie has a better body than me."

Hmm we think it might be a tie boys. And we'd have to do a pretty scientific study to decide.

Yahoo! Wireless 2013: Made in Chelsea's Andy Jordan pops into the Yahoo! VIP photobooth to pose for some snaps …

Andy hasn't been spending that much time in the gym, and instead has been playing the old man sport of golf - having just come back from Spain on a golfing holiday with the boys.

He said: "We don't play it like old men, we have fun, have some drinks, make a day of it."

And he was keen to show off his skills as he had a go in the pitch and put area in the swanky Yahoo! VIP lounge.

Yahoo! Wireless 2013: Made in Chelsea's Andy Jordan plays a bit of miniature golf in the Yahoo! VIP area. Copyright …

Meanwhile Andy's cute friend Tom told us that his BFF (who he lived with at Leeds university) has always been in the limelight - and he's not surprised he's lapping up the attention.

He ALSO raised his eyebrows when we said we loved Andy and Louise, and said that he wasn't a fan and neither was Stevie.

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