Made In Chelsea's Jamie Laing and Lucy Watson have split up ALREADY after she changes her mind AGAIN

Just when were about to get over-excited about the newest Made In Chelsea couple, it's all over before it's even started.

Jamie Laing and Lucy Watson are over. Again.

Despite the most romantic ending to the series - with Jamie Laing declaring his undying love for Lucy Watson while in a horse and carriage (obvs) - it's all gone rather pear-shaped already.

In the End of Season party, which airs next Monday December 30, the pair reveal that after the cameras stopped rolling things didn't quite turn out as planned.

Lucy told host Rick Edwards: "We're not really that loving. We're not in a relationship. Jamie went to Miami and that happened."

Jamie Laing kissed someone else in Miami.

By THAT she means the fact that McVities heir Jamie got with a cheerleader while he was away on a lads holiday with Spencer Matthews. Cue mega awkwardness.

Defending himself, Jamie said: "Well what happened is that I did this grand gesture and if Lucy had said to me 'yes we'll be a couple' I would have been with her 100% but she didn't say 'yes we'll be a couple' so what could I do?"

But Lucy sees things rather differently, telling the audience: "You make this gesture, you tell me you love me and then a week later you get with someone else."

Jamie snapped: "But you didn't want to be with me. What am I meant to do? Stick around for you?"

Jamie declared his love for Lucy in a horse drawn carriage. Copyright [e4]

Despite the fact that the pair did kiss when he got back from Miami, Lucy has made it very clear that she's not ready for anything serious with Jamie - and that she was, in fact, drunk when they snogged. Classy.

She told Rick: "I do really love Jamie as a friend but I don't trust him and I don't think I will any time soon. I think it's bad timing because you're 'young and horny'."

And last night she she seemed relieved the truth was out, confessing to her followers that she felt massively pressurised by the whole relationship anyway.

Well what a big let down eh?

Despite all this we're still mildly confused that Jamie posted a video of himself and Lucy delivering a Christmas message on his Twitter feed on Christmas Day.

Guys, we're CONFUSED.