Made in Chelsea’s Spencer Matthews literally has women queueing

Made in Chelsea's Spencer Matthews pulling a lady is no news story.

But Spencer Matthews pulling a horde of metallic Jodie Marsh impersonators has a little more tug.

Spencer's queue of futuristic Jodie Marsh impersonators. Copyright: [wenn]

Really, it is no surprise. Spence is The Batchelor after all, which means he even has his very own TV show dedicated to the art of pulling.

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And last night, Spencer managed to attract ladies of a different kind (or world?) when he was snapped with a queue of spray painted lovelies outside a nightclub.

We hope this whole paint instead of clothes doesn't catch on. Copyright: [wenn]

We have to say — that attire, or lack of it - looks awfully difficult to pull off. We don't even want to think how much gym time it would require for us even attempt spray paint chic.

We just hope to God that it doesn't come into fashion. We like Mars bars far too much.

And Spencer's female attention didn't end there as he was later papped with a model type lady literally throwing her arms around him.

She's keen. Copyright: [wenn]

Just how does the good looking squillionaire do it? Oh…

However, while it would appear playboy Spencer does alright with the chicks, there is one young lady who would beg to differ.

Danielle called Spencer a posh toff. Copyright: [wenn]

The Batchelor reject Danielle Sheehan lashed out this week, branding the Made in Chelsea star a 't*****r' amongst other less than complimentary comment.

Danielle says: "I think he's a toff, he's not genuine, he's confused, he's arrogant, a bit of a t****r really - and not someone I'd go for."

Bit harsh, surely? We're sure he can't be that bad.