Made in Chelsea’s Louise Thompson opens up about Spencer Matthews’ cheating, says all is forgiven

Made in Chelsea’s Louise Thompson has revealed that she has forgiven boyfriend Spencer Matthews following revelations that he had cheated on her.

Louise has forgiven Spencer who, from the looks of things, is still a bit red in the face. Copyright [Wenn]

Talking to OK! magazine, Louise, 22, admitted that she has now forgiven him for his indiscretion.

She told the magazine: “[I’ve] definitely [forgiven him]. It will take time to rebuild the trust. If he gives me any reason to doubt him or not trust him, it’s over.”

“Most relationships move in cycles, good times and bad times when you argue. At the moment things are really great because we’ve got through this massive obstacle.”

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During the final episode of the last series of Made in Chelsea, we were all left somewhat confused when Millie Mackintosh walloped Spencer Matthews across the face after she claimed he had cheated on girlfriend Louise Thompson.

With Spencer denying the allegations and Louise in tears we weren’t sure what to believe.

However, earlier last month, Spencer finally admitted publicly that Millie Mac’s smack was called for.

He told Hello! magazine: "I made a terrible mistake, which I regret to this day. I never wanted to end things with Louise."

The moment Louise found out about Spencer's infidelity. Copyright [E4]

Talking about the infamous moment she found out about Spencer’s cheating, Louise admitted that she was knocked for six.

She said: “It was the biggest shock for me, I heard that he cheated for the first time on national television, so it wasn’t the happy end to the series people expected, but we couldn’t be happier now.

“It seems really peaceful between us after all the drama, the producers of the show are probably disappointed.”

Read the full interview in this week’s OK! magazine, out now.


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