Made In Chelsea’s Louise Thompson gets naughty as she strips down to her underwear, we barely recognise her

Made in Chelsea's Louise Thompson has stripped down to her smalls for a raunchy photo shoot.

We barely recognised Louise. We're still not convinced it's her. Copyright [Splash]

And we always thought of her as such a good girl.

Well, if you excuse her cheating on her former boyfriend Jamie Laing with his best friend Spencer Matthews that is.

Dress sense wise however, Louise has often played it safe, covering up in an array of expensive frocks.

Well she does live in Chelsea.

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The reality TV star posed for the edgy shoot in a set of kinky black underwear which included a leather strap and tassle detailing.

Louise's usual demure, understated hair and makeup had also been replaced by a new, edgier style.

Wearing her hair up in a futuristic looking pony tail, Louise also opted for gothic style make up, including black lipstick.

Even Louise couldn't decide if this was her in the pictures. Copyright [Splash]

The shoot was in aid of celebrating Topman Generation's first birthday.

Talking at the shoot, Louise admitted that she doesn't like wearing the same garment twice.

She said: "I used to just wear my favourite pieces over again, but now I hate wearing the same garment twice."

That's a shame; we're sure boyfriend Spencer would love to see her wear the exact same outfit from the shoot again at some point.

Bad luck matey.