Made In Chelsea’s Cheska Hull celebrates birthday with stripper from Ollie Locke – oooh

There ain't no party like a Made In Chelsea party and doesn't birthday girl Cheska Hull know it!

cheska hull ollie lockeOllie Locke treated Cheska Hull to more than she bargained for on her birthday. Copyright [WENN]

Last night Made In Chelsea's Cheska celebrated her birthday and just like the scripted reality TV show that made her famous, it was full of drama.

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But unlike the current story line (of verbal fisty cuffs between Cheska and Kimberly) last night's drama was of a more humorous kind.

made in chelsea cheska and louiseMade In Chelsea's Cheska and Louise last night. Copyright [Twitter]

The birthday girl's buddie and cast mate, Ollie Locke bought a stripper for the exclusive party held at the Soho Sanctum hotel and lets just say he also enjoyed the event as much as the guests…

With Rosie Fortescue tweeting: "Dying laughing at the fact that @Cheska85's stripper from @ollielocke got an erection #notonetoshowtheworld RANK lol".

Oh em gee!

ollie lockeOllie Locke gave Cheska Hull a stripper for her birthday. Copyright [WENN]

There was, thankfully, no photo footage of the event itself although the star's friend Amelia shared a snap of Cheska and Louise Thompson all smiles.

Cheska's blonde locks looked super shiny as they were teased into barrel curls that worked well against the delicate pastel shade of her top.

Louise's hair was worn down as she rocked and Aztec style top.

While photos and tweets of the night are scarce Cheska's brother Henry Woodley did tweet: "Such an amazing night! My stomach hurts from laughing so much at the stripper! X"

Ah, we wished we'd been there.