Made in Chelsea’s Binky tweets weight loss photo, we think she’s gorgeous as she is

In the Christmas special of Made in Chelsea, Binky revealed that she wanted to lose weight and get fit in 2013.

[Binky Felstead]Binky's face looks noticeably slimmer. Copyright [Binky Felstead]And it seems that Binky is staying true to her word, by tweeting photos of herself where her face looks noticeably slimmer.

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The first photo shows the Made in Chelsea star staring pensively away from the camera, her jaw and cheekbones clearly defined.

Binky FelsteadBinky also looked slimmer in this photo. Copyright [Binky Felstead]The second snap was apparently to show off her new 60s inspired hair, but we were a bit distracted by how slim Binky's face looks.

Binky has an amazing figure and we think she's gorgeous as she is. If she carries on losing weight we'll be well annoyed.

This photo also showed off Binky's weight loss. Copyright [Binky Felstead]We hope she takes that as a warning.

Binky had a rather eventful time during the last series of Made in Chelsea, so we can understand why she'd want to make the best of herself.

Binky out and about before Christmas. Copyright [WENN]She got together with co-star Jamie Laing before he dumped her the following day, and had a one night stand with Andy Jordan who told her a few days later he wasn't after anything serious with her.

Binky during the latest series of Made in Chelsea. Copyright [WENN]But we don't think she needs to lose weight - we reckon her stunning looks and hilarious personality will bring her an amazing guy in the next series. Just call us psychic.