I’m A Celebrity: Helen Flanagan lasts four seconds in trial, commiserates by wearing new bikini

She was always going to struggle with the Bushtucker trials after admitting that she was afraid of everything but now Helen Flanagan has set a new record for the shortest amount of time spent on a trial.

Could Helen the most terrified celeb to ever enter the jungle? [ITV]

That's right, Helen Flanagan managed to last an entire four seconds on last night's Bushtucker trial 'Bug Burial'.

Well done Helen, that's officially pathetic.

Helen was competing against MP Nadine Dorries in the trial which saw the two have to lie down in coffins with the lids screwed shut.

As the trial started a selection of bugs started dropping into the coffins which proved all too much for Helen who screamed the immortal words 'I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here' pretty much straight away.

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Nadine lasted a slightly more impressive four minutes but even she couldn't last the full trial meaning that both the women's camps went hungry that evening.

On leaving the trial area, Helen Flanagan told Nadine that she didn't want to be in the jungle anymore.

One thing Helen doesn't mind is the jungle shower. [ITV]

As she returned to the camp to deliver the bad news that she had come back empty handed, Helen's camp mates comforted her.

Charlie Brooks however, who so far has put up with Helen's dramatics, wasn't impressed with her lack of effort saying: "When she said she lasted 10 seconds, I was a bit like that is a bit pathetic."

Still, it wasn't all bad news for Helen Flanagan who got the chance to debut a new bikini last night.

After barely getting any dirt on her at all during the trial, the former Corries actress felt the need to have a shower underneath the camp waterfall.

Donning a tiny red bikini, Helen perfected the art of looking undeniably sexy while pretending the cameras weren't there.

If having a jungle shower was one of the tasks we're pretty sure it would be the only trial Helen could pass.