I’m a Celebrity’s Helen Flanagan FINALLY wins four stars, quickly disqualified for breaking the rules

Last night Helen Flanagan finally managed to do the unthinkable- win four out of a possible six stars on the latest Bushtucker trial.

Helen failed to understnad the difference between hands and teeth. Copyright [Rex]


Unfortunately her elation was short lived after ditzy Helen failed to understand the difference between picking up stars with her mouth and her hands; and was forced to forfeit her stars.

So close, yet so far.

Helen was taking part in the latest Bushtucker trial titled 'Come Dive With Me' alongside Eastenders actress Charlie Brooks.

The girls were faced with a giant swimming pool which had a dining table submerged beneath the surface.

Not your convential dinner party. Copyright [Rex]

The two were told that they had to find stars that were hidden in domes set on the dining table, crockery cabinet and fireplace.

Joined by a collection jungle critters in the pool, as well as a crocodile, the two were clearly told that they were only allowed to collect the stars in the domes with their teeth but were allowed to use their hands when collecting stars from the fire place.

Charlie was up first, managing to secure three meals for camp.

When it came to Helen's turn, there was no denying that she went for it, however even after being told the rules before and during the trial, picked up the stars with her hands and not her mouth.

Charlie finally lost it with ditzy Helen. We're surprised she lastest this long. Copyright [Rex]

After nearly a week of failed trials and dramatics from Helen Flanagan, Charlie finally lost her nerve on the walk back to the camp.

Sensing Charlie's annoyance Helen said: "I can feel that you sometimes think I dramatise things. I don't that's my natural reaction."

Charlie then retorted: "I think sometimes, and I know that's you and I'm different and we are two completely different girls, I do sometimes think it's a little bit drama. That's not necessarily a bad thing."

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Continuing Helen Flanagan then told the actress: 'I'm naturally like that I'm not putting it on, that's what I want you to get.'

An increasingly agitated Charlie interrupted Helen saying: 'That's not what I said, I don't think you're putting it on.'

Finally Helen told Charlie: 'I wish I could be more like you. I wish I could more like not dramatic, but I can't help it.'

We all do Helen, we really do.