I’m a Celeb: Helen Flanagan puts on massive knickers, makes a change

Helen Flanagan in the teeniest of tiniest underwear is nothing new but we were shocked when these pics landed fresh from the I'm a Celeb camp:

Makes a change for her usuals! Copyright: [rex]

Yep, Helen is wearing *gasp* massive pants!

A far cry from her usual attire:

Helen likes to show off her tiny pants on Twitter. Copyright: [Twitter]

So what were her granny pants in honour of?

Well, Helen was set the challenge of seeing how many pairs of massive knickers she could put on in under a minute.

Makes a change from eating bugs we suppose.

Helen sadly failed to beat or meet the current world record.

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Which means someone somewhere is the current holder: what an honour! We wonder if they have to practice every day?

However, there are world records which we think could go to Helen.

Prolonged squealing, for example, we reckon she could smash that.

Or perhaps shortest amount of time before stripping down to a bikini?

Helen must hold the I'm a Celeb record for that!

In other Helen news, it seems she is annoying the crew and even Ant 'n Dec with her constant whining at trials.

Laura says crew are starting to 'hate' Helen. Copyright: [rex]

According to Laura Whitmore who presents I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here Now! Helen is 'hated' after holding up filming with her tantrums.

However, we would like to see Laura eat a camel toe without at least a bit of a fuss and then come back to us with this information.