I’m a Celeb: Helen Flanagan wins twelve stars, is picked yet again for live trial

Heaven above, we can hardly believe it ourselves but yes, finally Helen Flanagan has managed to win a few stars on I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here!

Helen won 12 stars! Copyright: [rex]

Yep, those who were watching last night would have witnessed Helen take on another TWO trials: one being live!

Helen absolutely smashed the first trial, winning all twelve meals for camp.

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The task involved sticking your head into boxes full of jungle critters and Helen managed to successfully complete the whole thing.

However, when it came to the live trial and we can only imagine the producers fear when Helen was picked yet again.

Ant and Dec couldn't believe it either! Copyright: [rex]

After being chosen for the live trial Helen tried to quickly shove it over to David Haye, even though the camp would only get half the stars.

However, after accepting her fate, we reckon Helen put in a good amount of effort!

The only part of the task she wouldn't do involved shoving her head first into a tray of cockroaches and do you really blame her for passing on that?

Helen drunk a milkshake of bugs with almost no fuss and after

However, did anyone else think parts of the task were too darn difficult? At one point Helen had to catch stars as they fell from a bucket above her head.

Also, in the bucket was all sorts of awful jungle grot, however, the stars fell so fast in amongst the slime etc they were almost impossibly to catch.

Critics are already questioning Helen's turn around, saying she must have been faking her previous tears.

A source told the Mirror yesterday: "This dramatic turn-around has got everyone wondering if she might be playing more of a game than we had previously realised."

"She may well have believed that all the nervous routines and mini-meltdowns would win favour with the public, but once that didn't work, she has tried a different tactic and gone to the other extreme.

"She is an actress after all. Maybe she's more talented than people realised."

Or maybe Helen finally realised that the wrath of 12 hungry celebs is far more frightening than a few cockroaches.