LUISA WATCH: Luisa Zissman to get it on with Dappy, despite entering Celebrity Big Brother wearing a bird’s nest?

Luisa Zissman’s family friend, Young Apprentice star Harry Maxwell, dishes on her CBB debut – DAY 1.

What Luisa Zissman will get up to in the CBB house...Copyright [Channel 5] As readers of my Apprentice blog for Yahoo! OMG will know, I actually knew Luisa before either of us went on the show.

RANDOMLY Luisa was best mates with my sister Rachelle at school, and we grew closer when her Apprentice series hit screens in 2013.

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After all, I was one of the few trustworthy people that knew EXACTLY what Luisa was going through! We also had a lot of fun together at a few showbiz parties…

Harry Maxwell with good friend Luisa Zissman.

Although I was a little surprised to hear that Luisa was entering Celebrity Big Brother, I’m backing her all the way!

I’m also incredibly excited to launch LUISA WATCH, exclusively with Yahoo! OMG, and blog Luisa’s Celebrity Big Brother antics, every day!

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Rest assured, I will be using my insider Luisa knowledge to analyse and predict what she has in store for viewers! And I’m sure there’ll be plenty…!

Luisa Zissman's hair resembled a bird's nest last night. Copyright [Channel 5]

But before we go into whom I think Luisa with flirt, friend and fight with, (yes, Triple F, a bit like Casey Batchelor), the hair situation needs addressing.

For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, the below tweets will give you a pretty good idea…

For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, the below tweets will give you a pretty good idea…

I don’t know what Luisa was thinking, going on the show with that bird’s nest!

It looked like she had just been trekking through the woods and she ended up being compared to FAT SONIA from Eastenders… Christ alive!

It’s a shame, especially for the boys, because it’s taken the attention off her newly amazing body that I know she’s worked really hard for.

Seriously… she’s tried everything from fasting to bikram yoga in Potter’s Bar, and FORZA diet pills! And trust me, it’s paid off!

But anyway, on to how I think Luisa will get on in the Celebrity Big Brother house….

1. I reckon Luisa will flirt with… DAPPY

Luisa Zissman will be getting her flirt on with Dappy. Copyright [Channel 5]
I’ve often told Luisa that she has a really weird taste in men.

As Luisa likes to remind me, she is one of the fittest girls I know and I definitely think she’s in a position to pick and choose when it comes to guys.

But in her own words… it’s all about the personality! And I definitely think her and Dappy will really hit it off! He’s hilarious!

They are both two people who are unashamedly up for a good time, but also ambitious in what they want to achieve in life. Work hard, play hard!

There’s also the matter that Luisa referred to sex parties in her VT, while Dappy constantly talked about his third leg… *ahem*

But all of this hinges on Dappy staying in the house, so make sure you vote to keep him and Luisa in!

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I think it’s going to be a very explosive and volatile, love-hate relationship. But with more love, obviously.

You’d be surprised how quickly relationships form in an intense environment like Celebrity Big Brother or indeed, The Apprentice!

2. I reckon Luisa will be friends with… SAM FAIERS and LEE RYAN

Luisa Zissman will get on with Sam Faiers in the house. Copyright [Channel 5]

Like most successful businesswoman, Luisa is definitely one who surrounds herself with like-minded people.

And I reckon both Sam and Lee have a little bit of Ms. Zissman inside them!

Luisa and Sam are similar in that they’re both quite entrepreneurial. Sam has a clothes boutique in Essex, Luisa has a cupcake shop in St. Albans.

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I know Luisa will have a lot of respect for Sam because, like her, she’s young, fun and trying to be one of life’s achievers.

My only worry is that Sam may avoid Luisa because of what she’s read in the press.

After all, Sam’s best mate and TOWIE co-star, Ferne McCann, was far from complimentary about Luisa on Twitter…

But if Sam does give Luisa the benefit of the doubt, I’m sure they’ll get on like a house on fire!

With respect to Lee Ryan, he just comes out with some really weird stuff!

Luisa’s definitely up for a giggle or two, and I’m sure he’ll have her in fits of hysterics!

I mean… Have you SEEN some of the stuff Lee tweets!?

3. I reckon Luisa will fight with… OLLIE LOCKE

Ollie Locke will clash with Luisa Zissman. Copyright [Channel 5]

Don’t be fooled by Luisa’s bubbly exterior. As we saw on The Apprentice, she has a core made of steel.

Luisa is a hard-working single mother who is running three successful businesses.

Ollie Locke, on-the-other-hand, is a washed-up reality star.

He’s trying to forge a career as someone who lives off his parents money and can’t decide his sexuality, at nearly 30-years-of–age. It’s just tragic!

While I’m sure that Ollie is a really nice person, him and Luisa represent completely different ideals.

Luisa doesn’t take any nonsense because her lifestyle doesn’t allow it. I don’t think she’ll take well to Ollie’s Made in Chelsea-style sulking at all.

Watch. This. Space.

Harry will be writing LUISA WATCH every day while she competes in Celebrity Big Brother 2014.

You can keep updated with him on Twitter, @HarryMaxwell, and sign-up for preview access to his new cocktail video recipe website at

Who: Sam Faiers
Famous for: Starring in reality show The Only Way Is Essex
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Who: Sam Faiers
Famous for: Starring in reality show The Only Way Is Essex
Most likely to: Give everyone in the house a Vajazzle and spill the beans on her relationship with co-star ex-boyfriend and I'm A Celebrity contestant Joey Essex. less 
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