Lucy Spraggan will NOT be performing on X Factor tour, but will be back very soon!

Lucy Spraggan has confirmed she will not be performing on the X Factor tour.

Lucy performing on X Factor. Copyright: [wenn]

Yep, while the other finalists will, as usual, tour after the series finishes, Lucy will not feature on the line up.

*sad face*

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In response to a fan asking her on Twitter if she was going on tour with the show, she wrote: "Unfortunately, I won't be on TXF tour as I'll be doing my tour :). (sic)"

This is sad news, as we were really hoping we would get the chance to see Spraggo perform one last time with the X Factor lot.

Lucy will be back on her own tour. Copyright: [wenn]

However, we shouldn't be too disappointed as it would seem that Spraggan will be touring all on her own.

*happy face*

Lucy posted on Twitter: "They will be in the new year, and they'll be all over."

Hooray etc! We will totally be there, Luce, count us in!

But first, we just really want to know when the heck we can download Tea and Toast!

Lucy left the X Factor after she fell ill, leaving Tulisa with just Ella Henderson in her group after Jade Ellis was voted out before Lucy's departure.

However, since this Ella has also been voted out of the show leaving Tulisa with an empty category!

Just who could have guessed how things would turn out? We honestly thought Tulisa had the strongest category at Judges' Houses.