Lucy Mecklenburgh still in Cannes, believed to be 'meeting with a film director'

When pictures landed of Lucy Mecklenburgh in Cannes, we will admit we were a little confused. However, sources are now saying her trip was to ‘meet up with a film director’.

Lucy Mecklenburgh looks an A-Lister regardless. Copyright: [Splash]
*raises eyebrow*

TOWIE the movie? Could it really become a reality?

Cannes is the ultimate who’s who of the Hollywood A-List so you can hardly blame us for being slight surprised when TOWIE’s finest turned up.

However, it would seem Lucy was in town for a bit of networking.

It seems Luce has her sights set higher than Brentwood, and could be planning a relocation to Hollywood.

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Plus, it looks like things are going well after Lucy cryptically tweeted that things had got ‘interesting’.

Lucy also tweeted: “Wow sometimes dreams do come true #HappyGirl”

Could she be an A-lister yet?
Lucy Meck knows how to rock a fedora. Copyright: [Splash]

However, we reckon even if Luce isn’t exactly an A-lister just yet, she certainly already looks like one.

The reality star seriously rocked a fedora hat and huge sunnies as she popped out for a bit of lunch with her pals.

Saying that, if acting doesn’t work out then we say there is always bikini modelling, because if theres on thing we know Lucy Meck is good at it’s rocking a two piece:

Lucy Mecklenburgh showed off her amazing bikini body after following a strict diet and exercise regime. Copyright …

Sam Faiers showed off the results of her fitness regime this summer on her holiday with Joey Essex. Copyright [SplashNews]
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