Lucy Mecklenburgh steps out looking MISERABLE after Mario Falcone cheating rumours

We were GUTTED for Lucy Mecklenburgh when she was told by yet another girl that Mario Falcone had cheated on her (again) on Sunday's episode of TOWIE.

Lucy Mecklenburgh looked glum as she stepped out today. Copyright [Splash]And it seems that Lucy Mecklenburgh is, understandably, pretty miserable about the whole thing.

Lucy was snapped out and about in Essex today, keeping her head down as she spoke on the phone.

Lucy Mecklenburgh kept her head down as she tried to dodge the paps. Copyright [Splash]The TOWIE star's glum expression suggested that all is not well with her and Mario, despite the pair having a romantic Valentine's Day in Paris.

During Sunday's episode of TOWIE, Lucy was accosted by a girl at the Sugar Hut (obvs, where else would she be) and told that during a recent trip to Manchester, Mario had tried to sleep with her.

Lucy Mecklenburgh cried to her BFF Sam Faiers over the rumours of Mario Falcone cheating. Copyright [WENN]Lucy got very upset about the whole thing, but invited the girl over the next day to talk it out.

The girl told her: "We got introduced, he was walking around holding my hand. So we left there, just me and him in a taxi," before she began crying.

Lucy shouted at her: "It's my world that's falling apart so I don't know why you're crying. Did you sleep with him?"

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The girl responded: "No, but only because I didn't want to. He wasn't behaving as though he had a girlfriend."

Lucy Mecklenburgh then collapsed in a fit of tears. Copyright [WENN]Cue Lucy ordering the girl to leave, before dissolving into tears, crying that she didn't know who to believe.

We REALLY hope she's OK.