Lucy Mecklenburgh says fat and cellulite jibes made her lose weight, we think she’s GORGEOUS

Lucy Mecklenburgh has an amazing body and impeccable style. However, after she was branded fat and told she had cellulite, the star decided to go on a diet to lose weight.

Lucy Mecklenburgh in her bikini on the holiday where she was told she was fat. Copyright [Lucy Mecklenburgh]We're pretty surprised that the TOWIE star would feel that she'd need to lose any weight when she looks incredible in whatever she chooses to wear.

Speaking to Star magazine, Lucy Mecklenburgh said: "When Mario and I went to Mexico, I read some comments on the pictures of my online, and some people said: 'She has cellulite,' and: 'She could make more of her figure.'"

Lucy Mecklenburgh looks amazing. Copyright [WENN]We've seen the photos she's referring to. She does not have cellulite. Her figure looks amazing.

Lucy continued: "I felt a bit yucky and decided to sort myself out when I got back and get a trainer. It is quite upsetting, bit I thought: 'Right, I'm going to do something.'"

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The TOWIE stunner went on to reveal that her boyfriend Mario Falcone had been going to the gym twice a day and eating healthily which had made things easier.

Lucy Mecklenburgh cried during the last episode of TOWIE over Mario cheating claims. Copyright [WENN]However, given the latest revelations on TOWIE, it remains to be seen whether the couple stay together.

Sunday night saw explosive revelations from yet ANOTHER girl who claimed Mario had cheated on Lucy with him. The episode ended with Lucy crying about not knowing who to believe.