Lucy Mecklenburgh 'feels played' by Mario Falcone as things heat up again with Tom Pearce

He revealed to the world that he'd started dating model Pascal Craymer last week.

Lucy Mecklenburgh felt 'played' after Mario announced he had a new girlfriend on Twitter. Copyright [ITV2]

But while his fans might be happy that he's finally settled down, it seems that ex Lucy Mecklenburgh isn't too impressed by Mario Falcone's shock announcement.

According to reports, the star was left feeling 'played' by her one time love after rumours circulated that they were getting back together.

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A source told Star Magazine: ''Lucy says Mario played a game by manipulating her into thinking they'd get back together.''

Mario Falcone has now settled down with model Pascal Craymer. Copyright [ITV2]

Lucy was reportedly unimpressed by the way that Mario had chosen to announced his new relationship - which involved indirectly referencing her on Twitter.

The source added: ''Even the way he announced it was nasty- including her in the Tweet was really mean.

''Lucy is putting on a brave face. But, even though she knows what Mario's like, she can't believe he's moved on so fast.''

But although she's reportedly been hurt by the lothario, Lucy has decided that she's going to give things another go with on/off boyfriend Tom Pearce and has announced that they're 'seeing each other' again.

Lucy Mecklenburgh and Tom Pearce are back together after briefly splitting on TOWIE. Copyright [Magic Moments]

She wrote in her column for New Magazine: ''I know I said I felt like I needed to be single, but Tom and I are enjoying seeing each other again.

''We're just going to see how things go. There's no pressure to put a stamp on whether it's a relationship or not, and that's a huge relief.''

The boutique-owner also mentioned Mario's new girlfriend, adding: ''I saw that Mario's got a new girlfriend who is a model. I'm glad he's stopped dating loads of girls and he's found one that he likes and feels he can settle down with.''

We can't help but feel that Lucy may be saying that through *slightly* gritted teeth...

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