Lucy Mecklenburgh + bikini + fox = one weird photo

Lucy Mecklenburgh is in a bikini once more but as well as looking her usual hot self, this time she's decided to take her foxiness (oh yeah, we went there) to new heights in this Foxy Bingo shot.

lucy mecklenburghLucy looked white hot as she promoted the new fake tan. [Copyright: Foxy Bingo]

The stunning TOWIE star stripped off to promote the bingo site's 'Fur Real' self-tanning gel and looked white hot in her bikini for the occasion.

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With her hair worn loose the brunette beauty teased the camera with her knowing stare. To complete her pose she wore a pair of peep toe nude coloured heels to elongate her slim legs.

And to complement her faux tanned look, Foxy Bingo himself showed off his orange fur in rolled up trousers and a pink and purple floral print jacket — nice!

lucy mecklenburghFoxy Bingo launches his fake tan ‘Fur Real’ alongside TOWIE star Lucy Mecklenburg. [Copyright: Foxy Bingo]

We hope Lucy was feline fine on the shoot — she certainly looked it.

The partnerships comes thanks to the TOWIE star's love of tan, she said: "The only celeb who rocks orange better than me is Foxy himself!

"I've already got my own swimwear range and nothing compliments my designs better than a nice tan. I don't step out the house until I've got my Essex glow and with Fur Real, everyone else can have it too!"

Can you not bottle the secret to looking like Lucy too ?

Fur Real fake tan,  £9.99 and can be won at, or bought exclusively at