Lucien Laviscount and Bobby Sabel: A blast from fitness past!

Anyone else remember Lucien Laviscount and Bobby Sabel from Celebrity Big Brother? Good news: they are still fit.

These two were the only reason to watch Celeb BB! Copyright: [BIG]

Phwoar! Remember these two? We certainly do.

It's Lucien Laviscount and Bobby Sable off Celebrity Big Brother, of course.

They both appeared on the show and then Lucien dated Kerry Katona for a while after they both left the house.

We love it when we remember stuff we had forgotten.

And these two are definitely a memory we should have kept.

Remember these two? Copyright: [BIG]

We absolutely adored both Bobby and Lucien when they were on Big Brother. Mainly, because they were super fit.

So we were thrilled when pictures landed on our desks of the boys having a right old laugh last night.

Plus, it means that they stayed mates even after the show which means we get two fitties for the price of one.

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The boys were out together on the razz and we are pretty confident that if they were on the pull, they probably succeeded.

However, if you don't remember them then just take this as an excuse to drool over fit boys.

And what better activity if there for a boring Sunday afternoon, right?!

See Harry Styles for more drooling.