Loved up? Rihanna jets off on holiday with ex Drake

Another day, another celeb private jets off on a holiday that we would give our left foot to go on. This time it's Rihanna who has nipped off onto a yacht with her ex beau Drake.

Rihanna, DrakeRihanna sticks up one middle finger to us lot stuck in the rain. Copyright: []

Not one to rub it in or anything, Rihanna posed with her middle finger up to the camera, just in case we had forgotten we were sitting at our desks looking out a drizzly window while she cavorts about on a private jet.

The nearest to which we will get is Speedy Boarding.

Rihanna accompanied the pic with: "#phuckyofeelings Vaca here we come.... ‪#boatsandhoes" We think that means "Na, na, na, na! We're off on holiday and you're not! BLAH!" or something along those lines anyway…

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Since jetting off, Rihanna has been making us suspicious with some seriously cryptic loved up tweets. Check out the evidence if you don't believe us: "I never ever found a treasure just to call my own, until You came along! No matter what happens, You're mine forever, and I won't let go" followed "I was searching for a long time, for the right one to give my heart to, then I realized that it should be You".

DrakeRihanna's ex Drake. Copyright: [WENN]

Sounds to us like things could be getting steamy at sea!

The pair dated in the past and it would appear there is nothing like a swanky yacht to reignite the flame. It seems Drake has the right idea if he wants to get RiRi's mind away from her ex Chris Brown.

Rihanna drinking coronaRihanna swaps Cristal for Corona

However, despite the luxury cruise, there was no Cristal for this lady as, in typical Rihanna style she rocked up to board her luxury ride keeping it very real glugging a Corona straight from the bottle.

We think this might just make us love her more than ever.

Spelling possibly not so much on her mind, Rihanna swapped up the lyrics of her track 'Cheers' and wrote on Twitter:  ''I gotta yatch on my mind and my mind on my $$$$$$ yeaaa.... ".

Cheers Riri, don't forget to send us a postcard, yeah?