EXCLUSIVE: The Loveable Rogues take omg!’s loveable rogue test

The might be called The Loveable Rogues but which part of their name do Eddie, Sonny and Te live up to the most?

We decided to find out.

That is, after we had stopped laughing at Eddy's very interesting omg! face.

Are they as loveable as their name suggests, or are they rather, more simply, rogues?

We devised a series of highly scientific questions which would help us to uncover the truth.

Verdict: ROGUE! Copyright: [omg!]

We knew straight away Te was a rogue after he admitted he has dumped someone via text message.

Eddy confirmed our suspicions when he confessed he always has a giggle when someone gets splashed by a car.

Verdict: LOVEABLE ROGUE! Copyright: [omg!]

Eddy says: "Yes I would laugh and it would be me splashing them in my car. I love splashing people."

Before we even had time to finish our question the boys said when they think of a cute little piglet they think: "Bacon sandwich!"

Te even admitted he is getting a very special bacon sandwich tattoo.

Verdict: LOVEABLE! Copyright: [omg!]

Eddie even admits to nicking library books and Sonny says: "I don't think I've ever been in a library."

However, these boys do draw the line at chatting up a friend's mum.

Or as Eddie puts it: "Not a close friend anyway!"

They then confessed they were looking at omg!'s boobies and we knew we needed no more evidence.

Watch the video for our verdict in full.