Louis Walsh: Westlife’s Kian Egan is wrong, Union J can be as big as One Direction

X Factor judge Louis Walsh has hit back at Westlife singer Kian Egan's claim that Union J don't have what it takes to be as big as One Direction.

Louis thinks Union J can be as big as One Direction. Copyright [Rex]

Talking to omg! today at the X Factor press conference, Louis was surprised to hear that Kian had claimed the boy band didn't have the 'spark' that One Direction had.

He told us: "Really? We'll have to wait and see. I believe they have something special. I know they are going to have a massive career, they are going to be like JLS or One Direction."

And it seems that Louis is so confident that Union J will have a successful career that he predicts we will be seeing them on next year's X Factor as guest performers.

He said"[They have] no worries in the world, I know they'll be back on the show next year as guests.

"They're the NEXT BIG BOY BAND.

"I think they're going to do well. There is something about them."

Louis had promised to wear a leotard to the final. Copyright [Rex]

Before they were eliminated last weekend, Union J tweeted that Louis had promised he would wear a leotard during this weekend's final if they got through.

Louis admitted that he if they had been in the final he would have gone through with his promise.

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He said: "I would have done anything to have got them into the final. If [wearing a leotard] had meant getting into the final then I would have.

"I would have done whatever it took. That's what we are like with our acts, we'll do whatever it takes."

Of course, Union J didn't get through so we wont be seeing Louis in leotard (thank goodness) but he has hand picked a few outfits ahead of the grand finale.

And we thought Tulisa and Nicole were the fashion conscious ones.

He said: "I've got two or three outfits planned, not any onsies though."



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