Louis Walsh: Christopher Maloney does NOT have the X Factor

Louis Walsh has admitted that he doesn't think Christopher Maloney has the X Factor.

Louis doesn't think Christopher has the X Factor. Copyright [Rex]

Talking to omg! today at the X Factor press conference in Manchester,  judges Tulisa and Louis Walsh admitted that they thought James Arthur and Jahmene Douglas had the edge over Christopher.

Louis told us: "We want the talent to win, it is a talent show. Whoever wins should be able to sell millions of records. We really want that.

"In the past some of the people haven't done that but some others have like One Direction, like Olly Murs, like JLS.

"It is still the best launch pad for anybody in the UK if they've got the goods, and we believe that James and Jahmene have them."

"[Christopher is a] nice guy, a good singer but has he got the X Factor? I don't think so."

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Louis did however praise the singer for getting this far in the competition.

He explained: "He's got Liverpool, he's got his Nan, that's all good.

"I'm sure they'll all vote for him. Best of luck to him, he's done incredibly well to get to the final."

Tulisa is a massive supporter of James. Copyright [Rex]

Tulisa also confessed that she feels so passionately about James Arthur that she almost feels like he is an extension of her now empty category.

She explained: "I feel like I've still got a contestant! I'm going to treat James like he's one of my own, jumping up, banging the desk shouting 'VOTE FOR JAMES!'"


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