Louis Walsh brands Tulisa a WAG on live TV, she corrects him saying she’s a WAF

This week it was revealed that Tulisa had started dating Newcastle defender Danny Simpson.

Louis branded Tulisa a WAG on last night's show. Copyright [Rex]

And it seems that her fellow X Factor judge Louis Walsh finds Tulisa being in a relationship with a footballer as a source of amusement.

During last night's X Factor, Louis Walsh was complimenting Tulisa's last girl in the competition, Ella Henderson, on her performance of 'You're The One That I Want'.

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Turning to Tulisa, Louis also felt that he should praise Ella's mentor on her song choice.

He said: "And you, Mrs WAG! You picked a great song for her."

A shocked Tulisa quickly tried to set the record straight with her own spin on the undesirable title.

She retorted: "Excuse me? You mean I'm a WAF! It means: 'Was Already Famous'."

"Curse you Louis Walsh, I'm a WAF not a WAG!" Copyright [Rex]

All right Tulisa, whatever you say.

But if Victoria Beckham and Cheryl Cole got stuck with that title when they first started dating footballers we're afraid you can't expect preferential treatment.

The two, who clearly enjoy each others company on the panel were however quick to laugh the altercation off and refocused on Ella.

Tulisa's relationship with Danny Simpson hasn't got off to the best of starts this week after his ex-girlfriend labelled her a 'homewrecker' and told the press that Danny had once mocked her infamous sex tape.

The X Factor results show returns tonight at 8pm on ITV1.